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Product 2

Ride a motorcycle to the edge of planet earth!

With this motorbike I`m going to show the craziest motorbike-stunt of all times! I`m going to ride on a steelcable up in 4150 meter height!

Medienbeitrag zum Projekt Troposphäre!

Source: RED BULL Media House GmbH (Servus Tv)

Mission Troposphäre 4150 NOS -Fogger phase 2.3!

Project Troposphere - phase 2!

Launch phase 1!


INTERMOT Köln 2016 world largest motorcycle fair!

World Champion ship stuntriding 2016 in Nitra Slovakia!

Vespa Bungee Jump!

Interview at ORF!

World Championship CZ Silver 2016 Freestyle!

European Vespa Bungee Jump! at the speed of 120 km/h down with 2,5 G!

Europatournee in Stuntriding Günter Schachermayr Germany Stuntdays 2016

SWorld Championship in Stunt GP Poland 2016!

Stunt GP Poland 2016 Vespa Stuntriding Show Günter Schachermayr!

Stunt GP Czech 2016 Vespa Stuntriding Show Günter Schachermayr!

World Vespa Days 2016 at St.Tropez!

Biker Mania 21. Saalbach Hinterglemm 2016 Vespa Stuntriding Show!

Poleclimbing accomplished!

Check out the video!
Fans and supporter hauled Günter and his scooter up a 30 m pole!

Special thanks to: RTV Steyr!

Scooter in 89m height!

Günter at height-training session.
To get ready for his stunts in great height, Günter has to test himself and his equipment!

Worldwide first log-climbing Scooter-Stuntrider!

Look out for May 1st! Günter is going to climb a log with his Scooter!

Waterworld 5 accomplished!

Special thanks to Diverspassion!

Kalkar/ Meltdown 2016 Atomar Vespa stuntriding Show!

Waterworld Trainingsession!

Special thanks to Diverspassion!

USA-here we come!

Exclusive Stuntride-Shooting for Vespa Club NYC!

Vespa Ice-Rally!

Hohoho- merry christmas!

New Concept-Austria Stuntriding Günter Schachermayr!

Stuntrider Günter Schachermayr proudly presents his new concept-
many thanks to all our supporters!


Zündwerk Harley-Davidson Center!

Grand Opening Zündwerk Fine Steaks, Burger & Beer!
Team Schachermayr was in the thick of it with a Stuntshow!

Project Water World 5!

First training session for our project water world 5main sponsor completed.
In this mission we will try to move with my Vespa 5 meters below the lake level.
Thanks to our supporter Diverspassion!

RACEWARS – German 13/09/2015

Vespa Stuntriding Show at airport Eisenach!

25.000 spectators visited this Vespa-stuntriding Show!

On the hunt for V-Max Vespa!
Top speed nearly 200km/h!

Check out the videos!
Source: ORF

Austrian Stunt Days 2015!

Bike City 2015!

Who has the biggest?

Team Schachermayr celebrates a triumph at the German stunt days 2015!

Fastest and longest ride on a high zip line 129,5 km/h - 1800 meter!

Done! Worlds`longest High zip Line conquered!

Project Firewall L90M accomplished!

Check out the video!
Source: ORF

Stunt on the Ferris wheel in Vienna!

Stunt accomplished!
Check out the video!



European Champion Quartermile switching Scooter 200 CCM!


Strongest switching Scooter Europe Nitrox Oxide Injection-> 50,4 HP!


Scooter World Champion Freestyle 200 CCM!


World Record!
Highest vertical ride on a steel cable 8,50 meters!


World Record!
Highest vertical ride on a steel cable 44,90 meters!


Record wheely-ride on the Grossglockner high alpine Road!


Worlds steepest Scooter ride on the Berg Isel inrun!Grade 35!

Günter on Wikipedia!


Record ride on the vienna ferris wheel!




Many thanks to: ORF!


Many thanks to: ORF!

Extreme Athlete

Product 1

Günter Schachermayr

Product 2

Günter Schachermayr also known to many as "Lumpy" spends his time on one of his favorite Vespas - and if possible on the rear wheel.
Since he was 16 years old.

The fact that he does not always remain on the ground but sometimes even takes off, his stunts prove again and again. For example, this happened on 25.05.2014.
On this day he drove 44.90 meters straight up on a steel cable -> World record!

Günter also drove the inrun on the Berg Isel upwards!

However, this was only one of many stunts which has since been successfully accomlished.

High, steep, breathtaking- so are the stunts self-invented by Günter.
And also fast, faster than any Vespa before- what will prove the stunt V-Max Vespa.

However, the stated goal of Günter is the troposphere. What's he doing up there, and how he will ever come up is still a mystery.

However, Günter looks forward to accomplish the worldwide first ride on a motorcycle in the troposphere.

Günter with his wife Sabine who supports him in all his projects.

Product 3

Born to drive!