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Günter Schachermayr - Austrian Extreme Sports Athlete
Meet him!

Riding a motorcycle to the moon!

The Mission Tropex!


Extreme Athlete

Günter Schachermayr

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Günter Schachermayr enjoy to spend his time on one of his favorite Vespas - and if possible on the rear wheel.
Since he was 16 years old.

The fact that he does not always remain on the ground but sometimes even takes off, his stunts prove again and again. For example, this happened on 25.05.2014.
On this day he drove 44.90 meters straight up on a steel cable -> World record!

Günter also drove the inrun on the Berg Isel upwards!

However, this was only one of many stunts which has since been successfully accomlished.

High, steep, breathtaking- so are the stunts self-invented by Günter.
And also fast, faster than any Vespa before- what will prove the stunt V-Max Vespa.

However, the stated goal of Günter is the troposphere. What's he doing up there, and how he will ever come up is still a mystery.

However, Günter looks forward to accomplish the worldwide first ride on a motorcycle in the troposphere.